Burning Farm
The Domestic Sphere
Leopoldina FortunatiEssay30 April 2024Read
From Metropolis to Arcadia
OMA and the Idea of ‘Confetti’

Hamed KhosraviEssay30 April 2024Read
The Tenement of the Purest Form
Christophe Van GerreweyEssay29 March 2024Read
Robin Evans’s Empty Room
Collective Living in the 1970s and the Problem of Domestic Realism

Joseph BedfordEssay29 March 2024Read
Don’t Romanticize the Process!
An Interview with Lacol on Housing and Cooperatives

Jolanda Devalle,Theodora Giovanazzi,Constantinos MarcouEssay24 February 2024Read
Animal House
Domestic Space as an Ecological Project

Feral PartnershipsEssay24 February 2024Read
Southern Hospitality
A Brief History of the Porch

Hunter DoyleEssay30 January 2024Read
Metal Circus
Abstraction and Method in Aldo Rossi’s Early Work

Pier Vittorio AureliEssay22 December 2023Read
Screens Within Screens
The Interiors of Twitch

Javier Fernández ContrerasEssay22 December 2023Read
No Joke
Plans and Counterplans in Downtown Manhattan

Michael Robinson CohenEssay21 November 2023Read
26The Domestic SphereLeopoldina Fortunati.pdf2024Essay
25From Metropolis to Arcadia: OMA and the Idea of ‘Confetti’Hamed Khosravi.pdf2024Essay
24Robin Evans’s Empty Room: Collective Living in the 1970s and the Problem of Domestic RealismJoseph Bedford.pdf2024Essay
23The Tenement of the Purest FormChristophe Van Gerrewey.pdf2024Essay
22Don’t Romanticize the Process! An Interview with Lacol on Housing and CooperativesJolanda Devalle, Theodora Giovanazzi, Constantinos Marcou.pdf2024Essay
21Animal House: Domestic Space as an Ecological ProjectFeral Partnerships.pdf2024Essay
20Southern Hospitality A Brief History of the PorchHunter Doyle.pdf2024Essay
19Heterotopias and the History of SpacesGeorges Teyssot.pdf2024Essay
18Metal Circus: Abstraction and Method in Aldo Rossi’s Early WorkPier Vittorio Aureli.pdf2023Essay
17Screens Within Screens: The Interiors of TwitchJavier Fernández Contreras.pdf2023Essay
16No Joke: Plans and Counterplans in Downtown ManhattanMichael Robinson Cohen.pdf2023Essay
15Rogue and Trickster: Luigi Moretti, Real Estate and the Villa TriptychMichela Bonomo.pdf2023Essay
14Company Town: To Provide and to Separate, an Open Letter to Giorgio AgambenVittorio Gregotti.pdf2023Essay
13Social Democracy and the City in the Weimar RepublicManfredo Tafuri.pdf2023Essay
12The City as a Reformist Project: Typological Research and the 1973 Plan for BolognaEnrica Mannelli.pdf2023Essay
11The City of Janus: A Close Reading of Hannes Meyer’s FreidorfStephanie Savio.pdf2023Essay
10The Form of OtiumPier Vittorio Aureli, Maria Shéhérazade Giudici.pdf2023Essay
09Does it Make Sense to Speak about Type Today?Tiago P. Borges.pdf2023Essay
08Bed for One: A Queer Interpretation of the Rooming HouseConstantinos Marcou.pdf2023Essay
07The Basilica and the Rotunda: Type, Analogy and Ritual in Medieval EuropeGili Merin.pdf2023Essay
06Never Innocent: Architecture, Anthropology, and the Concept of House-TypeJolanda Devalle.pdf2023Essay
05Poverty and Architecture: The Fuggerei as an Early Example of Affordable HousingTheodora Giovanazzi.pdf2023Essay
04Territory: A DefinitionPier Vittorio Aureli.pdf2023Essay
03From College to Campus: The Architecture of Education from Medieval Europe to JeffersonMarson Korbi.pdf2023Essay
02The Housing Question is a Feminist QuestionIoanna Piniara24 May 20232023Event
01The Fifth Typology A Symposium on Type and Architecture04 – 05 April 20232023Event
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