Burning Farm
No Joke
Plans and Counterplans in Downtown Manhattan

Michael Robinson CohenEssay21 November 2023Read
Company Town
To Provide and to Separate, an Open Letter to Giorgio Agamben

Vittorio GregottiEssay21 November 2023Read
Rogue and Trickster
Luigi Moretti, Real Estate and the Villa Triptych

Michela BonomoEssay21 November 2023Read
The City of Janus
A Close Reading of Hannes Meyer’s Freidorf

Stephanie SavioEssay10 October 2023Read
From College to Campus
The Architecture of Education from Medieval Europe to Jefferson

Marson KorbiEssay10 October 2023Read
The Form of Otium
Labor and Leisure in Greek and Roman Domestic Space

Pier Vittorio Aureli,Maria Shéhérazade GiudiciEssay10 October 2023Read
Never Innocent
Architecture, Anthropology, and the Concept of House-Type

Jolanda DevalleEssay10 October 2023Read
Poverty and Architecture
The Fuggerei as an Early Example of Affordable Housing

Theodora GiovanazziEssay10 October 2023Read
Bed for One
A Queer Interpretation of the Rooming House

Constantinos MarcouEssay10 October 2023Read
A Definition

Pier Vittorio AureliEssay10 October 2023Read
The City as a Reformist Project
Typological Research and the 1973 Plan for Bologna

Enrica MannelliEssay10 October 2023Read
16No Joke: Plans and Counterplans in Downtown ManhattanM. R. Cohen.pdf2023Essay
15Rogue and Trickster: Luigi Moretti, Real Estate and the Villa TriptychM. Bonomo.pdf2023Essay
14Company Town: To Provide and to Separate, an Open Letter to Giorgio AgambenV. Gregotti.pdf2023Essay
13Social Democracy and the City in the Weimar Republic M. Tafuri.pdf2023Essay
12The City as a Reformist Project: Typological Research and the 1973 Plan for BolognaE. Mannelli.pdf2023Essay
11The City of Janus: A Close Reading of Hannes Meyer’s FreidorfS. Savio.pdf2023Essay
10The Form of Otium: Labor and Leisure in Greek and Roman Domestic SpaceP. V. Aureli, M. S. Giudici.pdf2023Essay
09Does it Make Sense to Speak about Type Today? On Typology, Climate and The Work of Lacaton & VassalT. P. Borges.pdf2023Essay
08Bed for One: A Queer Interpretation of the Rooming HouseC. Marcou.pdf2023Essay
07The Basilica and the Rotunda: Type, Analogy and Ritual in Medieval EuropeG. Merin.pdf2023Essay
06Never Innocent: Architecture, Anthropology, and the Concept of House-TypeJ. Devalle.pdf2023Essay
05Poverty and Architecture: The Fuggerei as an Early Example of Affordable HousingT. Giovanazzi.pdf2023Essay
04Territory: A DefinitionP. V. Aureli.pdf2023Essay
03From College to Campus: The Architecture of Education from Medieval Europe to JeffersonM. Korbi.pdf2023Essay
02The Housing Question is a Feminist Question: Housing Commons for the “New Woman” of the German WerkbundI. Piniara24 May 20232023Event
01The Fifth Typology A Symposium on Type and Architecture04 – 05 April 20232023Event
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Burning Farm
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